TSM Operations

TSM Operations (TSMO) is one of the biggest units in Tieto and is a part of Technology Services and Modernization organization. In our unit, we have over 800 IT professionals working in 8 different countries.

Operations are commonly known as continuous services and the main purpose is maintenance and support of customers´ day to day business. The teams and their responsibilities vary depending on operation system, application, platforms, network infrastructure, servers and devices customers use as well as IT infrastructure library (ITIL) management.

Still, do not know why we are here and what are we doing? Just imagine buying a ticket in public transportation with your credit card, booking a hotel or vacation via the internet, reading news on your phone- this sounds familiar, doesn´t it? And guess what- it is because of operations. If we were not here, you would not be able to do it, no application would be running on your phone, notebook or tablet. We make your life easier, smoother and we save your time J

To detect and prevent defects/incidents before the customers business can feel the impact we use effective and 24/7 centralized monitoring. Overall we aim to optimize the cost, mitigate the risk and provide improvements for our customers by quickly identify the root-cause of a problem, automating workloads on multi-operating system platforms and robotization.

So to succeed in today´s digital world we must have multi-source IT infrastructure and other technology services such as private clouds deployment/resources and on-premises data centres. Therefore we are still looking for open eye IT enthusiast, willing to work in a multicultural environment with newest technologies to deliver the best service to our customers.

Datum vydání: 
16 Květen 2018